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Neoprene Protective Carrying Case with Carabineer Hook for Garmin eTrex Legend, Vista, Venture, Camo, Mariner, Summit and eTrex Yellow GPS Receivers - Not for color eTrex units.

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Protect your Garmin eTrex Legend, Vista, Venture, Mariner, Camo and Summit GPS with this unique GPS carrying case! Gilsson's ETN GPS carrying case ensures optimal protection, accessibility, and offers various carrying options for your convenience. (Note: This unit is not for eTrex Color Models C or CX)
The tough neoprene material protects your Garmin eTrex GPS from rain, dirt or other damaging elements.  Gilsson's unique Garmin eTrex GPS case is custom-tailored with a clear map window for easy map viewing and two button windows on the sides for easy button access.
Security features include a metal carabineer clip for backpacks or belts.  Furthermore, the unit is furnished with a reinforced Velcro strap for securing your GPS receiver to belts, bike/ motorcycle/ATV handlebars or any other application you may be involved in.
Note: Gilsson Neoprene Cases are WATER RESISTANT, not waterproof (i.e. cannot be submersed in water)

Unique Features:

  • Fully compatible with Garmin eTrex GPS receivers (Note: This unit is not for eTrex Color Models C or CX)
  • Self-Locking Carabineer Hook: Secures your expensive GPS receiver to your backpack, belt or hiking gear.
  • Belt/Bike Handlebar Velcro Strap: Secures your GPS device to your backpack, belt or a bike, motorcycle, or Jet Ski handlebar.
  • Tough Clear Vinyl Map/Button Windows - Allows easy map viewing and button access while protecting the delicate GPS LCD display surface.
  • Scratch Protection
  • Shock Absorption

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